Sunday, 6 April 2014

Connection of Parasites to Your Fatness! Way to get rid of them

Today heavy weight has become the common problem of many people. Almost every other person seems interested to maintain his fitness by losing the extra fats or heavy weight. For losing extra fats and weight, many people adopt different strategies and still seem to be asking about new ways.  They go to Gym and try hard exercises for this purpose. Some people take the help of different supplements for losing weight.  Somehow they lose weight for some time, but after some time when they leave the exercises or supplements, what happened?  They again come to the same position.
What they need to do so? Simple you need to understand the basic reason of fatness that why you are not losing weight? Could it be that something in our bodies is making it difficult for us to shed the unwanted fat? May be is it about due to some harmful plaque or bacteria in our stomach, intestines and colon that act as parasites and caused problems?

What Harm Can Parasites Do?

How are these parasites transmitted into the human body? The answer is very simple and lies in the food & the water we consume. It could be due to poorly cooked food and food cooked under unhygienic conditions. Raw or poorly cooked fish, especially pickled salmon, trout, and whitefish, etc contains larvae, which after 5 to 7 weeks become mature adult worms. These worms later lays thousand of eggs and produces chemicals as well as toxins that can even affect our brains especially hypothalamus.  This is the gland that controls our hungers and thirst. It has been proven that parasites get nutrients from the food we consume. Here this is also one fact that these parasites also cause more damage even after they die. When they die, they become mineralized like a fossil that cause painful swelling and blockages within our body. This really puts harmful effects on our body, especially on our digestive system and colon. Also clogged bowels make it difficult for us to excrete our wastes.  Thus it leads to suitable environments for parasites to grow well.

How Do We Get Rid of the Parasites?

No Doubt it is all about these parasites that we cannot lose the weight even we tried a lot. These are actually the parasites, the root cause of our fatness or weight problem. If we able get rid of the parasites, it is becoming easier for us to get rid of heavy weight.
How you may get rid of this harmful parasitic organism? It is best to do a parasite cleanse and use a zapper, according to Hulda Clark. The Zapper by ParaZapper is an advanced technical device which can kill a billion of microscopic organisms in few minutes by using mild electrical pulses. It makes sense to consider that these devices may have significant value in reducing human illness.
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