Saturday, 29 March 2014

Connection of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) to Parasites

Many people suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and these cases are increasing rapidly with every passing day. Here are some common symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, abdominal pain, flatulence, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, urgency with defecation, and an incomplete sensation of defecation. There are many causes of irritable bowel syndrome, but this is also said that irritable bowel syndrome and parasites are interrelated with each other.

It’s worth nothing that IBS on its own will not cause intestinal complication and Children with IBS continue to grow normally and never show any single sign of retarded growth.
However, though there is not any single physical symptom of IBS, but there are social and psychological issues that often accompany the condition. Research shows that almost 60 % people, who have IBS also, have a psychological disorder, such as anxiety and depression, etc.
In medical studies, it is an indication that the parasite lives in a human body might be the result of IBS.  The Parasites can be seen in the liver, intestines, brain, circulatory system, skin and other organs of the body. Symptoms like diarrhea, malaise, asthma, chronic fatigue, syndrome, bloating, bloating, skin problems, itching, flatulence, rashes, anorexia, and other rare diseases may also the result of parasitic organisms.
Growth of parasites in the human body may occur due to a number of reasons. Vitamin and mineral deficiency in a diet may also lead to a parasitic infection.  High intakes of food that are rich in carbohydrate and alkaline also become one the reason of parasitic infection. A person eating high amounts of sugar in diet may also provide a suitable environment for parasites to grow.
Irritable bowel syndrome is related to the working of the large intestines. In the digestion process, partially digested food from the small intestines enters into the large intestines. The large intestines absorb nutrients and water from the food and the remaining content slowly moves towards the rectum and, finally excreted out of the body in the form of stools.
For the excretion of the stools, the muscles of the large intestines and other parts of the body work together. Whenever there is some interruption in the process, the undigested food inside the large intestines is not able to move normally, thus resulting in constipation or diarrhea.
Emotional conflicts, stress, and parasites are the major causes of irritable bowel syndrome. Diagnosing the irritable syndrome in a person demands to go towards the proper physical examination and laboratory tests.  So after diagnosing IBS, time comes to go towards the proper treatment.

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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Dark Circles around Your Eyes! One of the Symptoms of Parasitic Organism

Good health should be the first priority because healthy person can easily meet all the challenges of life. But in the presence of parasites this seems impossible. Research proves that parasites exist everywhere in the society and easily transmitted from one person to another. Today parasitic organisms are considered as a strongest organism that leads a number of fatal diseases to human. Here is the short list of some fatal diseases that seems common in humans.

·        Skin diseases (which includes Creeping Eruption, tropical sore, and scabies)
·        Digestive system and digestive tract diseases
·        Weaken immune system
·        Cholera
·        Dysentery
·        Intense hunger or malnutrition
·        Severe mental illness
·        Body odor
·        Allergies
·        Restless conditions and many others
You may get rid of them only, when you diagnose them.  These parasites are easy to diagnose on the basis of symptoms, but this is also one fact that some time it is really hard to diagnose as some of the symptoms of parasites are similar to other diseases. 
Talk about Dark circles around your eyes and most people don’t know that, this is also one of the signs of parasitic organisms. These circles generally appear around your eyes when these parasites spend enough time in your body. Thus, it has really become important to deal with them as soon as possible as these dark circles appear.  I know in some cases these dark circles mean something else, such as lack of sleep, physical stress or other illness etc.
However, if you felt that these above are not the reasons of your dark circles, then you need to investigate it properly, because these dark circles may indicate parasites. 
How Do Parasites Cause Dark Circles
You people might be thinking about that how these dark circles can be the reason of parasitic organisms. Let see!
01-Fatigue:  No doubt fatigue is a most common contributor to dark circles under or around the eyes. These parasites contribute to fatigue as they feed the nutrients that are important for the hosts. So as are result, the host does not get the necessary nutrients that it needs and becomes tired and worn down, resulting dark circles around your eyes.
02 - Iron: A deficiency in iron may also lead to dark circles around your eyes. Once again, it is useless to remind you, these parasites also cause this, as it is an essential mineral that parasites love to feed on.
03 Pale Face: Lack of iron and other nutrients in a blood ultimately leads to pale face. Thus making dark circles even more noticeable.

So if you want to get rid of these dark circles or want to get rid of these harmful parasites. You need to go towards the proper treatment. Evidence shows that Hulda Clark ParaZapper may be a best choice to kill all kinds of parasites and other harmful microbes from a water based environments. ParaZapper kills millions of parasites & other germs in a few minutes my using electrical pulses.
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